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Don’t get caught making the same mistakes most DIY movers make. Pack like a pro with packing these tips from our professionals at All My Sons Austin moving services.

Correct Boxes

There’s no such thing as one size fits all in moving. Boxes come in various sizes because they serve different purposes, so make use of them. Larger boxes should contain bulkier, but lightweight items. Smaller boxes contain heavier items like books and small appliances. Our Austin moving service professionals know how to distribute items to keep them safe during transport.

Maximize Space

If you’ve ever played the popular video game, “Tetris,” then you know that space is a bad thing. When packing boxes, try to fill up as much space as possible. Don’t leave your boxes halfway full.

Label Boxes

Anyone hiring Austin moving services has made the decision to be organized for their move. Part of organized moving is labeling boxes. When packing your belongings, label each box with its contents so that you can easily sort things out when you move into your new home.

Packing Supplies

If you’re preparing for a move, you need the right packing supplies. Collect important items to help make your move run smoothly. You’ll be needing scissors, packing tape, box cutters, furniture covers, a dolly, rope or twine and a host of other materials.

Fragile Items

As you pack your belongings, give extra attention to fragile items. Put packing paper or newspaper around dishes and glasses. Bundle and wrap them all together. Dished should be packed on their sides, never flat. Televisions should be double boxed, with one of the boxes padded with packing paper.

Moving can be quite a workout, especially when moving large items from your home. Hopefully you’ve done your homework and hired moving professionals that offer an Austin packing service, like the team at All My Sons Moving & Storage.  Otherwise, the following is a list of snack ideas to pack for moving day:

Sunflower Seeds

A handful of sunflower seeds is high in protein, fiber, and healthy unsaturated fats, which will keep you full for hours.

Tuna Sandwiches

One can of tuna offers 40 grams of protein. This will help keep your body prepared for heavy lifting during a move.

Meal Replacement Shake

If you chose to go the DIY route instead of hiring an Austin packing service, you’ll find yourself working for most of the day. Mix together a couple of protein shakes and drink them until you have an opportunity to grab a full meal.

Beef Jerky

Sometimes you don’t have the time to sit down and eat, making beef jerky a great go-to. Just pop into a gas station during your move and grab a bag. They are a good way to satisfy immediate hunger while providing enough protein and carbs to get you going for a while.


It’s important to stay hydrated during a move. Avoid caffeine and warm drinks as they don’t offer the same benefits as water does during physical activity. Sport drinks aren’t a bad option either, however it’s best to drink bottles of water to help keep you going.

Don’t burden yourself with packing belongings that you don’t need or use anymore. When hiring professional movers from an Austin packing company like All My Sons Moving & Storage, they’ll perform an inspection of your home to see what items need to be packed. Save on your moving quote by getting rid of these items first:

Clothes That Don’t Fit – If you’re holding on to clothes that are too big or too small, it’s time to donate them or give them to friends. Don’t take up valuable moving space by taking clothing that you’re trying to squeeze into again.

Unused Appliances – If you’re moving to a new home, give some serious thought to what appliances you’ll be taking along. If you haven’t touched your smoothie maker or toaster oven in months or longer, it may be for a good reason.

DVDs and CDs – If you’re still watching movies on DVD and listening to audio on a cd player, you may not have realized that times have changed. Donate or sell these old items and opt for the digital version of your favorites.

Toys and Stuffed Animals – If you’re moving with children, tell your local Austin packing company not to include the toys in their moving quote. Chances are your kids have forgotten or outgrown most of them. Instead, give them away to someone in need.

Food – You’re going to be moving to a new Austin home. Instead of trying to take your refrigerator’s contents to the new place, cook and eat everything you can in the weeks before moving.

Old Linen – Bedroom sheets, towels, pillows etc. don’t necessarily have to come with you to your new home. Go through your closet and donate anything that you haven’t used in a long time.

Old Makeup – Any makeup that hasn’t been applied in a long time should be thrown out. Don’t bother taking it with you, as most of it could be expired.

Glassware – Fragile items can break during transport. Although any reputable Austin packing company will take measures to protect your items, you’re better off getting rid of anything that you don’t use anymore.

Medicine – Check the expiration dates on your medications and vitamins. Anything that is expired should be thrown out immediately.

Books and Magazines – Although everyone has a favorite book, consider donating the titles that you don’t read anymore. Old magazines should be thrown out as well. These items can create clutter that is otherwise best avoided.

Relocating to a new home can be a crazy experience and one that leaves you exhausted after unpacking. Once you arrive in your new Austin home, you want to relax on the first night. This guide from our moving and packing professionals will help you do just that. Below, we’ve outlined exactly what essential packing supplies you’ll need, especially in Austin, for that first night.


These essentials include toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and body wash or soap.


If you’re not feeling well or have a condition that needs to be maintained, be sure to pack your prescription medication for easy accessibility in your overnight bag.

 Drinks and Snacks

Bottled water should be an essential part of your first night’s packing supplies in Austin. The summers are hot and you’ll need to remain hydrated. Also, keep snacks and canned goods handy so that you have access to a quick bite to eat before you begin unpacking.

Valuable and Sentimental Items

While you may not be using these items right away, you’ll find yourself wanting to keep your valuables protected. Anything of personal value to you should be stored in your first night essentials bag, and put away as soon as you begin unpacking your belongings.

 Cell Phone and Chargers

The last thing you want to do is go looking for your cell phone in a forest off boxes. If you’re not going to keep your phone on you while moving, pack it in your overnight box along with your charger so that they’re easily accessible when you settle into your new home.

Leave the rest of your move to the Austin moving professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage. We’ll provide you with a customized moving plan, as well as packing supplies in Austin.

Home ownership is a relatively straightforward process, and house prices tend to be stable throughout the year. Nevertheless, if you are a renter, you are probably going to find that prices fluctuate and differentiate depending on the season. With that in mind, the experts from All My Sons Austin packing company hope to use their experience to guide you on the best time of year for renters to move.


Do you have time?

If you are looking to find a new place to live as soon as possible, chances are you won’t be able to negotiate your prices. Most Americans tend to move in the Spring and Summer, mainly between May and September. Moves spike during this time of year primarily due to college students and the summer break of younger kids. If you have time to plan, our Austin packing company suggests waiting until the later months, as you’ll enjoy more rental options.


Do you want to save money?

When it comes to seasonal trends, winter tends to be the best season for movers who want to save money. Since winter is a slower month for both apartment hunting and our Austin movers, chances are you’ll be able to find some great offers this time of year. The decreased demand for rentals and movers means less money out of your pocket during the winter months.


One of the first things to do when moving is to pack properly. The time-consuming and tedious task can be performed far more easily if you have a packing strategy and the proper packing supplies in Austin. Nevertheless, to implement a proper strategy, you should know what to take and what to toss. The professionals at All My Sons of Austin share a simple guide to help you decide:


  1. Check for Forbidden Items

    Some items are considered forbidden from transportation. Having this in mind, it’s most likely that the movers won’t accept them. Such items include hazardous and flammable items, corrosive goods and substances, perishable foods and pets and plants.

  2. Take the larger first – then toss anything unnecessary

    The right question to ask is can you buy it and how much it will cost? If we are talking about something minor that costs only a few cents, why pack it? To properly pack, start with your larger items first. This will leave you more time to sort out the little stuff.

  3. Can you use it as a packing supply?

    If there are small items which can help you out in the packing process itself, use them. This includes blankets and bags. Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough packing supplies, you shouldn’t worry. If you are looking for packing supplies in Austin, the All My Sons moving company experts will be able to help you out.

The professionals at All My Sons Packing Services in Austin say music is going to fill the streets of Austin, Texas once again with the start of the Latino Music month. This will come just a few weeks after the Austin Urban Music Festival took place and helped more than 15,000 fans to hear their favorite artists. Now, it’s time for Latino music fans to go out on the streets and start dancing! The music month itself consists of multiple smaller events held at various locations all throughout Austin, Texas as its residents prepare to blast Latino music from their stereos, speakers, and headphones.


Austin movers say the different genres from Latino music will be showcased each Friday at noon at the Austin City Hall. The showcases will include different performances on the Plaza. However, other venues will enjoy the Latino music month as well, hosting different events at bars and dance centers all throughout the city. Later in the month the Cine las Americas International Film Festival will also take place, showcasing the best from films and videos from Latin America.


Other notable events in Austin, Texas in the month of may include the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, the Pecan Street Spring Arts Festival, the Austin Fashion Week, the Maifest, the West Austin Studio Tour and more.


For full-service packing and transport of your home, you can rely on All My Sons packing services in Austin. Call for a free quote today!

Moving from one house to another is one of the largest projects you’ll ever tackle. While the entire process is filled with many tasks, the common consensus is that packing is the most tedious and time consuming part. With this in mind, it is of utmost importance to try and avoid any huge mistakes during packing. That’s why All My Sons Moving & Storage offers professional packing services in Austin to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Here are the two most common packing mistakes we come across:

Not Having Enough Packing Supplies

  1. When packing, most families tend to neglect the fact that packing requires huge quantities of packing supplies. People often believe that they have enough cardboard boxes and that garbage bags will be more than enough, but this is rarely the case. Contact your local removal company and get the right packing supplies you need.
  2. Not Having a Packing Strategy

    The packing experts at All My Sons in Austin say one of the worst packing mistakes is a lack of preparation in advance. Having a packing strategy will help you avoid littering your home and will help you have a better organization of the overall packing process. Make sure to sort all your possessions before packing them.

To ease the moving process, you can rely on packing services in Austin from your trusted moving team at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Looking for a reason to hire auto movers? We hope that it’s not too difficult to convince you that the benefits of hiring Cedar Park auto movers far outweigh any potential negatives. So, why hire auto movers when you can just do it yourself?

They Are Pros

First, our Cedar Park auto movers are experts at what they do. They have the tools and the experience to ensure that your vehicle gets to where you need it to be.

It May Save You Money

Cedar Park auto movers will gladly place your vehicle on one of our auto moving trucks to ensure that your car undergoes no damages or wear and tear. That means your car won’t depreciate or lose value and you’ll save money on expenses such as new tires, oil changes and gas.

It Will Save You Time

Driving across the country takes time and in today’s day and age, time is money. The time that you must take off from work in order to make the move can add up. Factoring in the amount of pay lost from moving, it can be more economical to simply purchase a plane ticket and hire auto movers to transport your vehicle for you.

Specialty Vehicles

If your car is vintage or a classic, then you understand the need to keep it in the best possible shape. Cedar Park auto movers have the experience and equipment necessary to make sure your vehicle arrives in the same condition it was in when you left.

Transport Multiple Vehicles

The average American household has 2 cars which means it makes sense to hire auto movers to move multiple cars for you. Cedar Park auto movers make the process simple and efficient. No hassle, no fuss and better prices.

Spring is a great time of year to move. The moving costs are cheaper and Cedar Park movers are less busy, so booking your move is easier. Spring is also the perfect time to move to Cedar Park since you can get your spring cleaning done before you move, making the moving process simpler and more organized.

Keep This in Mind

It doesn’t matter if it takes you one day or one week to spring clean, you should keep your goal in mind. For some, knocking their spring cleaning out in a couple of days works best for their schedule. If you are limited on time each day, spread your spring cleaning out a week or two before your move, so you have plenty of time.

If you are moving to Cedar Park during the spring season, spring cleaning can help you save on moving costs. By getting rid of items you don’t need, it will lighten your load and therefore your move will cost less, since you will be moving with less stuff, taking your Cedar Park movers less time, and resulting in your loaded moving truck weighing less, costing less per pound.

Make a Spring Cleaning Checklist

Everyone knows how to spring clean, but spring cleaning before your move means spending more time sorting through all of your belongings.

Create a spring cleaning checklist that includes which rooms you will clean which day, dividing between sorting and getting rid of items, and then cleaning the entire room with cleaning supplies.

Donate it All

Be responsible and donate anything that you don’t plan on taking with you when you move. Ask your Cedar Park moving company for extra boxes or purchase some, and load them with all the clothes and items you no longer need.

Be sure to get your moving estimate from the Cedar Park movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage after you have finished your spring cleaning. This way, your moving estimate will be much more accurate according to your new amount of belongings to move.