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There’s a lot you can do before your move to ensure that moving day goes smoothly and efficiently. The professional Austin movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage recommend that you sort out your belongings and purge your home prior to moving to simplify everything. You can sell or donate any items that you no longer want or need in your new home, so you save the time required for packing them and the money for transport.

Next, you should be aware of what cannot be moved. You should request a list from your Austin movers of all the items that your movers will not ship for you, and then make the necessary arrangements. If you have any perishable food items or hazardous materials, you should either use them up or give them away to friends.

It’s also important that everything is cleaned and organized. You should make sure that all of your items that will be packed in boxes and taken to your new house are clean. You should also unplug all electrical appliances, and remove batteries from devices that will be transported in the moving truck.

The best way to keep your Austin movers on schedule is to pre-pack small items and valuables. If you pack them in labeled sealable bags, you won’t be worried about finding them when the Austin movers are moving your belongings.

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The professional Austin movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to make your move easier! We’ve created this list of some simple packing techniques to make your move more efficient, and if you follow along, you’ll be glad you did.

The first thing you should do when you start packing is to pack room-by-room. If you focus on one area of a room at a time, and don’t mix different rooms into different boxes, you will avoid things being lost or mistakenly thrown out. Doing this will also save you time when you are unloading and unpacking everything in your new home.

Next, you should label everything clearly. On the top and on each side of the box, you should write a general description of the box’s contents and the room name. To help you stay even more organized, you can use different colored markers for each room, to give you and your Austin movers more clarity.

Another one of our simple packing techniques is to use white packing paper. Regular newspaper may bleed ink onto your belongings, so you should only use white packing paper when you are wrapping your things. You should also use the packing paper for adding cushion to your boxes, and to fill any empty space in the boxes.

Lastly, our Austin movers recommend packing your belongings in regular cardboard moving boxes. Any boxes that you may get from grocery or liquor stores might not be able to hold the weight of the items you will be putting in them. Also, varying box sizes can make loading the back of the moving truck difficult.

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The first couple of days after a move can be tough. That’s why the professional movers from your local Austin moving company have created a comprehensive guide on essential household supplies you’ll need in your new home.

If you’re moving to another city or state, and you’ll be without your belongings for more than a couple of days, you should consider packing more than what’s listed here. The best way to pack is to think about everything you use on a daily basis, and then pack accordingly.

Start by packing toilet paper. When packing toilet paper, you should plan on packing at least two rolls per bathroom. While still thinking about the bathroom, you want to make sure that you have a shower curtain for each bathroom, shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, and towels!

Moving to the kitchen, you should make sure that you pack a mug, plate, knife, fork and spoon for each member of the family. Packing mugs instead of glasses is better because they can hold both hot and cold beverages with ease. You might want to use a separate box to pack the small appliances that you’ll need: toaster, coffee maker and others. If you do create a separate box, make sure to mark it clearly so that you can find it easily among all the other boxes.

As silly as it sounds, scissors will be your very best friend, and they are usually the most forgotten item when packing an essentials box. A good pair of scissors comes in handy when you’re looking to open all those well-packed boxes.

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Moving costs can add up, so why spend more when you can spend less? One way to save some money on moving is by looking for free or affordable packing products in Austin. The professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Austin are here to help you save some money!

You can begin your search for free packing products by reaching out to friends, family, and neighbors. If you know people that have just moved, they will be looking to get rid of their packing supplies, so don’t be afraid to ask! If no one has any packing products to give you, you should check out Craigslist or local retail stores. Craigslist has a “Free” section on their website, where so many people are looking to get rid of their packing products. If you don’t have any luck on Craigslist, reach out to local grocery, furniture and liquor stores. You will be able to find strong boxes at these places, since these places are constantly receiving heavy shipments.

If finding free packing products in Austin sounds like more work than you want to do, feel free to contact our team for quality packing products! After you get a quote for moving services, you can ask them how much packing supplies you’ll need, and at what cost you can get them. While you’re at it, you can also ask your movers how much it would cost them to pack your home.

If you are packing yourself you are probably wondering- where can I find packing supplies in Austin? The professional movers at All My Sons Austin are here to answer that question for you. Keep reading to find out more!

Your Local Movers

Look no further than your local Austin movers for the best packing supplies in Austin. You can be guaranteed quality packing supplies if you purchase them from an established moving company. The movers will have everything you need to ensure the safety of your belongings. If you choose to add packing services to your move, the packing supplies will be included.

Furniture Stores

If you want to find free packing materials, check out the local furniture stores. Furniture stores are one of the best places to find a variety of packing products. They usually have an excess of large boxes and packing supplies, including: packing paper, Styrofoam and bubble wrap. Most stores are happy to set up a pick-up time, as long as you call ahead and speak with the manager.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have shipments come in everyday. You should find no problem stopping by your local grocery for a variety of boxes. Be sure to ask about any excess paper or packing peanuts that be on their way to the garbage. Boxes for produce are often built with dividers. This is great for packing kitchen supplies or fragile items.

Liquor Stores

To find packing products for your most fragile items, you should try the liquor store. Most wine, beer and liquor bottles are glass, so they have to be packed in sturdy, protective packing materials to be shipped. These packing products are designed to carry glass bottles and fragile items, which makes them perfect for your glassware, dishes, jewelry and other fragile items.

The summer is the most popular time of the year to move. No matter when you are relocating, moving is stressful. When you move during the summer you are going to face some challenges, especially if you are moving to or from a hot climate.  All My Sons Austin has created this list of tips for a successful summertime move.

Since summer is the prime time for moving, you want to plan ahead. It’s the busiest season for moving companies, so if you plan on hiring packing services in Austin, you want to start researching companies early. The best moving companies will fill up their schedules quickly, so it’s recommended to start looking into things about six to eight weeks out. Make sure you research and talk to several different companies and obtain quotes from all of them.

Whether you’ve hired packing services in Austin or plan to do the moving yourself, you want to beat the heat. You should try to schedule your move early in the morning while it is still relatively cool. Do not forget to stay hydrated and wear light clothing, so you remain cool.

If possible, you should try to move on the weekdays. Most people move at the beginning and end of months and on the weekends. If you can not move on a weekday, just try to avoid Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend of July. If you book last minute, it will not be easy to find a moving company, and if you even find one, you will be forced to pay hiked-up fees.

Why You Should Move to Austin

Are you trying to decide where you should move next? The professionals at All My Sons, an Austin packing company, are going to give you all the reasons why you should move to Austin.

Austin is a Green and Fit City

According to Shape magazine, Austin is one of the fittest cities in the United States. If you move to Austin, there are many lakes for water sports, parks with biking and running trails, hundreds of gyms and many unique swimming holes.

Great Education

Austin, Texas is home to one of the best value colleges in America- The University of Texas at Austin. It is one of the largest universities and boasts a world class education. Austin-area high schools also rank in the top 500 in the United States.

Ideal Place for Everyone to Live

This city is an ideal place for the young, old and in between. It has a diverse demographic, with no ethic or demographic group that exists as a majority. It is a city with suburban neighborhoods that are excellent for families and retirees, with one of the lowest crime rates in the US. Do not forget about your four-legged family members. Austin is a dog-friendly city with no-kill shelters, and locally-owned dog-friendly bars and cafes.

The Festivals and Music Scene

According to the movers at our Austin packing company, the music scene is alive 24/7 in Austin, so visitors and residents can enjoy the city’s music festival and notorious nightlife. Austin hosts many festivals including: Austin Film Festival, X Games, Austin City Limits, Old Pecan Street Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest and the Formula 1. You will never run out of anything to do!

You should always be a careful packer, but you should especially be a careful packer when it comes to packing electronics. More likely than not, you have spent a lot of money on all the electronics throughout your home. Keep them safe during your move with these tips from the professional movers at All My Sons Austin.

The best way to pack your electronics starts with preparing them properly. You should start by taking batteries out of all electronics and remotes, so they don’t overheat and leak. It’s also important to eject any CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays from your devices and tape the drives shut. Do not forget about removing toner and ink cartridges from printers.

In general, most user manuals will have instructions on how to pack and move your electronics. However, if they do not follow these tips:

You should cushion the top and bottom of the box with the proper packing supplies. Towels or crumpled packing paper are good for this. Make sure everything is packed securely so nothing moves during transit. You will want to fill in any empty spaces with packing paper or other packing supplies.

If anything has a screen, you should protect it with a towel or packing paper first, and then add a layer of bubble wrap. Make sure to never use newspaper to pack screens. Newspaper has ink that can leak onto the screen.

Cables come hand in hand with electronics, and it’s easy for them to get mixed up during a move. To avoid this, you should label them with a colored sticker right away after unplugging them. Then, you should put the same color sticker on the corresponding device. If you do this, you won’t be confused on moving day.

Don’t get caught making the same mistakes most DIY movers make. Pack like a pro with packing these tips from our professionals at All My Sons Austin moving services.

Correct Boxes

There’s no such thing as one size fits all in moving. Boxes come in various sizes because they serve different purposes, so make use of them. Larger boxes should contain bulkier, but lightweight items. Smaller boxes contain heavier items like books and small appliances. Our Austin moving service professionals know how to distribute items to keep them safe during transport.

Maximize Space

If you’ve ever played the popular video game, “Tetris,” then you know that space is a bad thing. When packing boxes, try to fill up as much space as possible. Don’t leave your boxes halfway full.

Label Boxes

Anyone hiring Austin moving services has made the decision to be organized for their move. Part of organized moving is labeling boxes. When packing your belongings, label each box with its contents so that you can easily sort things out when you move into your new home.

Packing Supplies

If you’re preparing for a move, you need the right packing supplies. Collect important items to help make your move run smoothly. You’ll be needing scissors, packing tape, box cutters, furniture covers, a dolly, rope or twine and a host of other materials.

Fragile Items

As you pack your belongings, give extra attention to fragile items. Put packing paper or newspaper around dishes and glasses. Bundle and wrap them all together. Dished should be packed on their sides, never flat. Televisions should be double boxed, with one of the boxes padded with packing paper.

Moving can be quite a workout, especially when moving large items from your home. Hopefully you’ve done your homework and hired moving professionals that offer an Austin packing service, like the team at All My Sons Moving & Storage.  Otherwise, the following is a list of snack ideas to pack for moving day:

Sunflower Seeds

A handful of sunflower seeds is high in protein, fiber, and healthy unsaturated fats, which will keep you full for hours.

Tuna Sandwiches

One can of tuna offers 40 grams of protein. This will help keep your body prepared for heavy lifting during a move.

Meal Replacement Shake

If you chose to go the DIY route instead of hiring an Austin packing service, you’ll find yourself working for most of the day. Mix together a couple of protein shakes and drink them until you have an opportunity to grab a full meal.

Beef Jerky

Sometimes you don’t have the time to sit down and eat, making beef jerky a great go-to. Just pop into a gas station during your move and grab a bag. They are a good way to satisfy immediate hunger while providing enough protein and carbs to get you going for a while.


It’s important to stay hydrated during a move. Avoid caffeine and warm drinks as they don’t offer the same benefits as water does during physical activity. Sport drinks aren’t a bad option either, however it’s best to drink bottles of water to help keep you going.