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The Best Packing Supplies and Products

In order to have the best moving experience, it’s necessary to use the best packing supplies and products. And we don’t just mean any old materials, we recommend using All My Sons Moving & Storage packing products to maximize your results. Here’s a list of the best packing supplies and products to use for your upcoming move to help you pack like the professionals.


Specialty Moving Boxes

Specialty moving boxes are perfect for simplifying the transport of otherwise frustrating items. This includes precious artwork, large mirrors, flat-screen televisions, and hanging clothing. Specialty moving boxes are among the most popular All My Sons packing products purchased for DIY moves.


Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the basic essentials that you’ll need for packing. Bubble wrap is a great way to reinforce boxes containing anything fragile.


Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are perfect for filling in empty space inside of boxes and protecting delicate objects. They can be used along with bubble wrap in a lot of cases to provide extra security and prevent breakage during transport.


Plastic Wrap

If you have large items you’d like to protect from the elements, invest in stretch wrap prior to your move. When wrapped tightly around an item, this plastic sheeting will keep dirt, water, and dust away from your furniture, bedding, and other bulky essentials.


Packaging Labels

Labeling boxes is the best way to help both you and your movers make moving an easy and efficient process. First time movers often make the mistake of not marking the contents of their boxes and running into the nightmare of going through each one trying to determine what goes where upon moving in.

Make sure to use a label or two on each and every box, so you know the contents of your boxes and their eventual resting spot in your new place.



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