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According to First American CoreLogic, a company that collects data on millions of mortgages packed into securities for investors, reports that nearly one in four home loans nationally is now larger than the actual value of the home that back it. All My Sons of Austin movers learned that in the last three months of 2009, the decreasing home prices and accumulated debts pushed 620,000 homeowners into the negative zone. Nevada has been hit hard, with 70% of homeowners owing more than their homes are worth. Arizona has more than half of the borrowers underwater and Florida has 49%. New York is doing the best, with only 6.3% of borrowers owing more than their homes are worth partly due to the constant housing shortage there. The good news is that according to, for most homeowners, this is just a temporary setback and odds are the value will eventually recover. Negative equity in today’s economy is a way of life. It makes it hard to sell or to refinance, but it’s something that a lot of people are experiencing together. If you’re faced with foreclosure because of today’s real estate market, don’t forget to book the very best Austin movers, All My Sons of Austin Moving and Storage. You’ll get a free moving quote online and an affordable price for your professional and reliable residential move. You’ll have enough to stress about, what you need is a reputable moving company by your side.

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