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Tips to Make Packing Fun

The words “packing” and “fun” have never gone together, right? What can be fun about going through years of piled up stuff, shoving it into boxes, and hauling it to a new location? Packing is never fun – but our Austin packing company can share some tips to make the best of it. Whether you’re trying to motivate your children or even yourself to get through the process, follow these tips:

Make a playlist

Music makes everything better. Try making an upbeat playlist that will keep you motivated, and make the packing process less boring.

Break it down

Don’t try to do it all at once. Our Austin movers say this is the biggest and most common moving mistake. Instead, break down your packing process room by room. Pick one room a week (or one room a day) and focus on that room. Only move on to the next room once the previous room is entirely packed up. This won’t necessarily make the process “fun”, but it will keep you feeling sane throughout the process.

Bribe yourself

Set up rewards for yourself during the packing process. Once you finish one room, treat yourself to a snack. Once you finish 3 rooms, take yourself out to dinner. Once you finish packing, indulge in a spa day. This will help keep you motivated throughout the process.

If all else fails and you want to avoid packing at all costs, call All My Sons. We have a team of Austin movers and packers that offer full service packing of all your belongings, so you never have to worry about anything.



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