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Recommended Packing Techniques from Austin movers

The professional Austin movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to make your move easier! We’ve created this list of some simple packing techniques to make your move more efficient, and if you follow along, you’ll be glad you did.

The first thing you should do when you start packing is to pack room-by-room. If you focus on one area of a room at a time, and don’t mix different rooms into different boxes, you will avoid things being lost or mistakenly thrown out. Doing this will also save you time when you are unloading and unpacking everything in your new home.

Next, you should label everything clearly. On the top and on each side of the box, you should write a general description of the box’s contents and the room name. To help you stay even more organized, you can use different colored markers for each room, to give you and your Austin movers more clarity.

Another one of our simple packing techniques is to use white packing paper. Regular newspaper may bleed ink onto your belongings, so you should only use white packing paper when you are wrapping your things. You should also use the packing paper for adding cushion to your boxes, and to fill any empty space in the boxes.

Lastly, our Austin movers recommend packing your belongings in regular cardboard moving boxes. Any boxes that you may get from grocery or liquor stores might not be able to hold the weight of the items you will be putting in them. Also, varying box sizes can make loading the back of the moving truck difficult.

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